You Dirty RAT!

img_1992Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”                                                                                   ― H.L. Mencken

I am in no way a knife expert, but I love knives.  I have quite a few.  I’m not sure what exactly it is, I mean, sure, they are useful tools; I use this Ontario RAT 1 every day to cut cardboard, open packages, slice food or a million other things.  Hell, I used it butcher a chicken once. But there is something more to knives.  They are just a lot of fun. Especially this one. I’ve had it for a little over two years. Along with my SAK Alox Cadet, it is what I carry nearly every single day.  It just does everything you would need an EDC blade to do.  It has two drawbacks:  it is heavy and it has a 3.5 inch blade. Some people get a little scared when it is whipped out.  [I call those people pussies, but I’m sure everyone knows somebody like that.]

OVERALL LENGTH:  8.5 in (21.6 cm)
LOCK TYPE:  Liner Lock
BLADE GRIND:  Full Flat Taper
BLADE THICKNESS:  0.115 in (0.292 cm)
BLADE MATERIAL:  AUS-8 Stainless Steel
BLADE LENGTH:  3.5 in (8.9 cm)
CLOSED LENGTH:  5.0 in (12.7 cm)
POCKET CLIP CONFIGURATIONS:  Tip Down & Up, Left & Right Handed           DEPLOYMENT MECHANISM:  Thumb-stud

It’s an inexpensive knife.  You can get it on Amazon today for $24!  Sure, knife snobs turn their noses up at the AUS-8 steel, but I use it all the time.  I know that this AUS-8 with this heat treatment is a great steel.  It stays sharp for a respectable amount of time, and it is so easy to re-sharpen.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  Plus, it has a full flat ground blade, so it’s a fantastic slicer.

In summary – I love the Ontario Rat-1 and God bless Jeff Randall.  Buy one today if you don’t have one.The lock up on this knife is solid.  Never had any issues.  No blade play even today, and I do not baby this thing.  I make it work.  The action on it is smooth.  The blade deploys with a little flick of the thumb.  No wrist action is needed to get it to lock up.  I spend a lot of time at work with it sitting on my desk.  When I’m stuck on something, I like to just flick the blade out over and over again.  It helps me think.

However, it is time to put her up.  She’s been a faithful companion, but when I get home tonight, there is something shiny and new waiting for me.  I’m not sure yet what to do with her.  Either she’s going in a pack, or my oldest son is getting a new knife.

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